Realized solutions and projects


Portal Solutions

Skill offers to its customers specialized services in an area of intranet portal solutions. In accordance with company’s orientation to document management systems, there are designed solutions allowing access to strategic enterprise information sources, their effective searching a sharing among particular users. Important aspect in implementation of these solutions is their integration into existing customers’ EIS systems, which considerably contributes to their global appreciation and industry productivity.

Help Line

Solution was implemented for whole information system life cycle support. It is dedicated for IT project teams and operations as subsidiary tool for recording and tracking requirements and change requests during analysis, design, implementation and operation of IT systems.

Provision of Information Systems Equipment for LINC

In February of 2006 year, Skill company has successfully finished contract - Provision of Information Systems Equipment for the Replication of a Limited Interim NATO Response Force CIS (LINC) Capability.

The contract consists of complex delivery of products and services of several separate producers, such as Panasonic, Hewlett-Packard, Check Point Software Technologies, ATEN International, Canon and the others. Financial amount of contract is the 1.5 million EUR.

This contract has been awarded to Skill Company on the basis of the tender that was organized by NATO C3 Agency in the end of last year in a hot competition of tens of other companies from NATO member countries.


System supports processes of organization, dislocation and mobilization changes within Czech Defense Department and Czech Army. OVR MO is distributed information system exploiting of MS SQL Server 2000 replication mechanism, designed as three-tier client/server application. An integral part of a solution is constructed from components assuring interfaces with other information systems of the department.

NSIP projects database

The main subject of solution resides in creation operational NATO project database as an instrument of effective management and process maintenance of establishing NSIP projects (NATO Security Investment Program). One of requirements was an improvement of allied armies cooperation in territory of Czech Republic. Database was designed as the open system for possible extensions and integration of information systems of the department.

MS Windows 2000/2003 migration

The main goal of this project was continuous transition from existing platform mixed environment to modern and unified operating system. In the first stage project consists of complex study, which creates a frame for implementation itself. Study contains evaluation of features and characteristics of Windows 2000/2003 platform in comparison with customer's goals, scope of the project and budget information. Following chapters describes issues from planning to implementations itself, including security definition policy. Next stages describe Active Directory planning, Terminal Services, application servers including mail infrastructure, VPN connection, Internet connection and workstation environment.

Personnel Information System

Personnel Information System (PIS) is distributed information system intended for a daily personnel agenda and decision support. System is designed for staff of personnel departments, statistical and analytical departments and middle to top level management. PIS system assures collecting and processing of data, including outputs providing complex information and reports needed for human resources management.

Central store

System was developed for central store maintenance of medias (Audio CD's, DVD's, Videos, games, books), including detail information about every title, performer or author, price information and possible multimedia previews of titles.

Civil Service and Remuneration Information System

Within the project of building this information system at The Office of the Czech Republic government have been delivered services in areas:

  • Project Management consultancy.
  • Consulting services in design and implementation of information system technological environment within statewide deployment.

Bond Desk

System is used for decision support on Portfolio management and Bond trading. System consists of several components connected into various information sources, such as internal IS and Reuters www siteor www site. The subject of solution was redesign of system communication part to increase security and to improve new system functionality.

Real Estate System

Real estate system was built on Compaq LinkWorks 3.2.3 (Hewlett-Packard at present) platform for the Diplomatic Service Department of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs www site. The solution involves rental objects registration, contract and pertinent documents administration and data interconnection between the real estate system and customer’s financial information system.

Project Workbook

Solution covers information system for central project documents administration. Particular documents of specified structured form are upon their creation in saved into the information store. It is possible to add new documents, search, browse and modify existing documents from any available client PC in network. To search the documents, you can use variety of attributes or fulltext by their content.

Document Management System

Solution encompasses the system of formalized documents with support for documents workflow and management. System is in compliance with the protection of Classified Information Act 148/1998 (and amendments to the relevant legislation) and is primarily intended for using in state organizations and departments.