About company


The Skill company offers its services in the field of information technology implementation and integration, business processes analyses and information system and data security since 1992. The company has also rich experience of infrastructure design and implementation, including branded hardware delivery.


The Skill company's activities lead up - on the basis of experience - for implementation of solutions mainly in the sector of the state departments and large corporations. The company's essential customers include the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic, where the company has dealt from 1996 and successfully participated on many of IT projects, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic. Company's fiduciary understanding of the customers' environment and conditions enable it to choose the appropriate form and scope of service supply (from the qualified specialist to whole project team operation). Company's prime interest is the protection of its customer's investments. The main asset to the solution is a guarantee of product complex delivery of the highest quality; within defined timeframe and constraints, under agreed financial conditions, that satisfied the customer's expectations.